Need a strategic boost? Benefit from our network of partners!

Emergex SR&ED Subsidies actively manages a network of strategic partners with whom we exchange references, prospects and other useful contacts. Our business philosophy consists of building win-win and long-term relationships with both our clients and our partners.

If you want to join the ranks of our partners, let’s talk and explore what we can mutually bring to each other’s organization and clients!

Emergex SR&ED's partners

Emergex’s preferred partners can help you in multiple areas:

    • Pre-financing of your SR&ED, CDAE, OIDMTC or multimedia tax credits
    • Venture Capital: for high growth companies in need of investors, through a stake in the capital stock
    • Bankers: with experience in your industry and aware your needs
    • Subordinated debt: If you need to borrow money in excess of what your bank is willing to grant you
    • Factoring: improve your working capital by accelerating the payment of your receivable accounts
    • Other Funding: our consulting partners can offer efficient solutions in conventional and non-conventional financing
    • Subsidies: explore other sources of government assistance
    • Marketing strategy: they design the image of your business, taking into account your target audience, your positioning and your strategic choices
    • Web marketing and social media: our specialized partners will put your company «on the map»
    • SEO (Search Engine Optimization): What’s more important than an efficient referencing in search engines?
    • Web site development: these professionals will bring you the Internet storefront that matches with your company
    • Custom application development: when your ideas become true apps
    • SR&ED time tracking software: to document properly your employees’ time


Time tracking, although necessary, can be an interruption to your work day rather than being essential to the actual work you are doing. Oolyo, is the easiest way to track your hours, so you can spend more time doing and less time tracking.

  • Executives on demand (part time): CFO, CTO or General Manager for your business, if you don’t need on full time (or can’t afford it!)
  • Coaching: our coaching partners for entrepreneur will guide you at every step of your business life cycle
  • Patent and Trademark agent: for the protection of your intellectual property, one of your biggest assets, if not the greatest!
  • Recruitment: need a new key collaborator in an area that is not familiar to you?
  • Training: just for an knowledge update or a complete training of your staff
  • Insurance: essential to ensure the sustainability of your company, our partners will find the most suitable solutions to you

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    Alain Déry - Micro-Accès

    Alain Déry – Micro-Accès

    For the past five years, Emergex has been in charge of preparing our R&D and multimedia claims. This way, we save time and it gives us peace of mind. As software developers, we don’t always know how to approach this kind of thing or how to present our R&D activities in order to meet the requirements of the program….