Emergex continues to have customer satisfaction at heart by respecting the deadlines and the quality of its services

Dear Clients and Partners,

In the context of the COVID-19 pandemic, rest assured that Emergex SR&ED Consultants gives priority to the health of its employees, customers and partners.

Despite this, Emergex remains 100% operational. We are committed to working with you to meet the milestones and deadlines planned with our clients as well as the limit dates prescribed by governments, always with the quality of deliverables to which you have been accustomed. To achieve this, we offer the following procedures and solutions:

    1. With your collaboration, we will respect the technical interview dates and the delivery deadlines for your claims. We hope to prevent everyone from postponing work until later, thereby creating a backlog and additional stress in the months to come. Indeed, the crisis could last a while and we should not count on the postponement by the governments of the deadlines for tax credit claims…
    2. For any meeting or technical interview already scheduled with an Emergex employee, we will contact you the day before or the same day to confirm that you have no last-minute changes. We offer you alternatives in order to carry out your project for claiming tax credits or subsidies:
      1. Hold a videoconference with our Zoom service licence https://zoom.us, which allows to share our screens to facilitate discussions and visual exchanges with our contacts
      2. Make a conference call to one or more parties using one of our 3 “virtual meeting rooms” which offer excellent audio quality
    3. Note that due to the rules of social distancing also in effect for government employees, claims requiring meetings with the Canada Revenue Agency or Investissement Québec are  subject to postponements beyond our control.
    4. All Emergex employees are already equipped and familiar with working remotely from home, including holding videoconferences and teleconferences.
    5. In all cases, Emergex and its employees will do their part and apply the recommendations communicated by the public health authorities.

    Hopefully, the entire population will continue to participate in the health guidelines issued to curb the spread of COVID-19. This fight can only be won with the contribution of all the actors and stakeholders in Quebec and Canadian society.

    Best regards.

    Pierre Savignac
    CEO and founder of Emergex SR&ED Consultants

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Colin Duetta - IOU Concepts

Colin Duetta – IOU Concepts

The team members from Emergex SR&ED Subsidies showed an intricate and overwhelming knowledge of the SR&ED incentive program, both from a technical and financial perspective, especially in information technology industry. In the last 3 years, I personally referred 3 software development companies to Emergex and have received nothing but positive feedback concerning their professionalism.