Emergex stands with women entrepreneurs in STEM to help them grow

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June 23rd is International Women in Engineering Day.

To honor this day, Emergex is offering a 10% discount in June on its fees to help women entrepreneurs (founder or co-founder of a business) with SR&ED tax credit claims.

In addition, Emergex offers free coaching to optimize your R&D financing.

Follow us on social networks to follow our campaign and discover the story of our ambassadors and their testimonials.

Join us on June 15th to watch the testimonial of Hanieh Mohammadi, instigator of this campaign at Emergex. Business consultant, Hanieh shares her vision and the reasons that pushed her to create this campaign.

Join us on June 20th to hear from Mariella Amoros, an Emergex client since 2006 and Director of Innovation at Dexco since 1995. Dexco is a leading global provider of law firm-specific ERP solutions and related services.

Join us on June 25th to watch Sophie Lymburner, President and Founder of Blue Communications, YogaTribes and L’Aquarium.

Sophie founded Aquarium by Blue in 1998, one of the first digital agencies in Canada to create websites, e-commerce sites, mobile applications, content and social media strategies. Sophie has been an Emergex client since 2018.

Contact Hanieh Mohammadi for more information

Specify code WE206 for the discount.

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