Get the best results from SR&ED, CDAE and multimedia tax credit changes

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2014-02-06 12:00

Mr. Pierre Savignac is the founder and CEO of Emergex SR&ED Subsidies. This expert consulting firm specializes in tax credit claims in the software and IT industries, particularly the tax credits for scientific research & experimental development (SR&ED), e-business development (CDAE) and multimedia titles. At the seminar to be held on February 6, Mr. Savignac will talk about the last changes in tax incentive programs for IT companies, in force since January 1: New version of T661 form: managing inspection risks

  • Changes in rates and eligible expenses
  • Extension and indexation of the E-Business (CDAE) program
  • Credit for the production of multimedia titles: expenses will now be eligible to the credit during the entire lifecycle of the product
  • Optimization of additional credits : tips for maximizing tax credits

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Thursday, February 6th 2014 from 12:00 PM to 1:30 PM


Développement Économique Saint-Laurent

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