Extension and indexation of the E-Business (CDAE) program

After months of lobbying by the IT industry, the Minister of Finance and the Economy announced today the extension of the tax credit for the development of E-Business (CDAE). The program, which was supposed to end on December 31st 2015, will be extended for an extra 10 years to December 31st 2025. Furthermore, in order to keep the benefits of the program constant, the maximum amount of credit per employee will be raised from 20 000$ to 22 500$ starting January 1st 2016. If you were hesitant to hire that sixth employee in order to become eligible because you thought it wasn’t worth it due to the limited time left, go for it now!

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Jean Francois Gravel - IQware

Jean Francois Gravel – IQware

Emergex has prepared and supported us efficiently during and after the two technological and fiscal inspections by Revenue Canada. Their technology advisors have been able to guide us and to identify our eligible work.