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SR&ED in IT and Other Industries: Emergex, the Experts in Tax Credits and Grants

Multidisciplinary, the team of twenty employees and consultants at Emergex SR&ED Subsidies is composed of tax credits experts who have previously made their mark in technology companies and who are very knowledgeable with the computer sciences and software industries.

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Do you need help regarding the SR&ED tax credit program? As a Pan-Canadian company that has been active in R&D tax credit (also known as Scientific Research & Experimental Development (SR&ED)) consulting for 25 years, Emergex helps you optimize your SR&ED funds. From claim preparation to consulting and training, our team of experts is committed to providing the best and reliable services. Several programs exist in Canada to support the costs of research & development (R&D) or innovation. The most important one is the Scientific Research & Experimental Development (SR&ED) tax credit program. This research tax credit in Canada covers a vast array of activities. You may be doing SR&ED without even knowing it…

Our advantages

What sets Emergex SR&ED Consultants apart?

We form a multidisciplinary team of employees and consultants with the experience of thousands of projects claimed. Our technology advisors are engineers and computer scientists that combine diplomas, competencies and hands-on experience.

Credibility with CRA

Excellent reputation with Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) through our relations with SR&ED auditors and our historical success

Trainings to optimize

We are the only ones to give trainings on SR&ED technology and finance to develop you and your team, at no additional charge

Claim the max allowed!

Optimize your SR&ED tax credits combined with the latest grants

Almost perfect track record

Historical success rate of 96%: we maximize your claims while managing your risks

As a SR&ED consulting firm that is most specialized in IT-related claims, we are proud to have a team of professionals who are also knowledgeable in E-business CDAE program and Industrial Research Assistance Program (IRAP) grants. We offer professional experience and customized training and coaching, audits, and webinars to provide expert knowledge and services and to successfully support your business throughout the process.


Are you looking for a SR&ED consultant?

Since 1994, we have prepared over a thousand SR&ED projects with a historical success rate of 98%. Throughout the process, we lift the burden of the claim from your shoulder by:

  • Identifying projects that fulfill the requirements of the scientific research and experimental development tax credit program
  • Validating the projects’ eligibility
  • Carrying out the technical interviews
  • Drawing up the technological descriptions
  • Documenting information concerning your research and development expenses and investments
  • Preparing the pertinent fiscal annexes
  • Educating your employees and assisting you in case of an inspection or audit
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Our values

At Emergex, we are committed to providing high quality services to our clients. We believe in delivering results and are dedicated to helping our clients achieve their goals. We are guided by integrity in everything we do and are customer-centric in our approach, always striving to understand and meet the needs of our clients. We are proud to be a trusted partner for companies across Canada looking to leverage the SR&ED tax credit program.

Our mission

Emergex’s primary objective is to support entrepreneurs in their growth and success by helping them take advantage of the financial benefits offered by various government incentive programs in Canada, particularly those related to research and development. We do this by assisting businesses in navigating the process of claiming SR&ED tax credits, grants, and other types of funding, and providing guidance and support throughout the application and claim process. Our goal is to help businesses understand and meet the eligibility requirements and provide the necessary documentation to maximize the benefits they are entitled to receive through these programs.

Our vision

Emergex’s vision is to improve Canada’s competitiveness in the global market by promoting and incentivizing increased investment in research and development (R&D) by Canadian businesses. We believe that investing in R&D is crucial for driving innovation, improving productivity, and staying ahead in a rapidly changing world. By encouraging and supporting companies to invest more in R&D, we can help Canada maintain its position as a leader in technological advancement and economic growth. Our goal is to create a more innovative and dynamic business environment in Canada, where companies can thrive and succeed on the global stage.



Our partners

Emergex SR&ED Consultants actively manages a network of strategic partners with whom we exchange clients, prospects, references and other useful contacts. Our philosophy consists in building win-win and long-term relationships with both our clients and our partners.

If you want to join the ranks of our partners, let’s talk and explore what we can mutually bring to our respective organizations and clients!


Our team

As a SR&ED consulting firm for technology companies, Emergex will provide reliable knowledge and expertise to guide clients towards a successful claim of their SR&ED investment tax credit.


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We are proud to be a trusted partner for companies across Canada looking to leverage SR&ED, other tax credits and grants. Benefit from our quarter of a century of experience by asking our opinion about your past, present and future claims!