Testimonial by Steeve Duchesne from Askida

Steeve Duchesne - Axon ID

Steeve Duchesne – Askida

Emergex SR&ED technology advisors understood very well the intricacies of Axon ID development projects.

Throughout the year, they guided us to better structure our processes, as well as our SR&ED and E-Business claims.  With Emergex financial and tax advisors’ excellent knowledge of government assistance programs, we have substantially optimized and increased our tax credits.

Emergex multidisciplinary team’s ongoing support, availability and exceptional responsiveness are part of the strengths that make them stand out far above the other SR&ED firms.


Shawn Errunza – Jintronix 200x200 This year I am looking to finance my tax credits in advance, and not only did Emergex introduce me to the right people, but every lender is very comforted by the fact that I’m working with Emergex. They have a reputation of working with solid companies and that reputation is a big benefit to all of their clients.