The Tax Credit for the Development of E-Business too difficult to claim for smaller companies

The Journal de Montréal reports that the E-Business tax credit (CDAE in French) is too difficult to claim for smaller companies in the information technology industry […] due to its rules that are so complex.”

Don’t worry! Emergex can help you! We have filed hundreds of e-business claims since the program’s inception in 2008. For an opinion on your eligibility, ask about our personalized assessment, free of charge and without any obligation!

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Serge Bonenfant - Qualicode 198x200My colleague Pierre Gagnon and myself were able to appreciate the quality of your services first-hand. At one point during the meeting in the audit process, I expected our claim to be rejected… But the representative of Emergex intervened and put the auditor back on the right track, while guiding us along with our defense. Without Emergex and your team, I do not know if we would have succeeded… Big thanks for your excellent work!