Emergex, les experts en réclamation de crédits d'impôt en informatique

Emergex RS&DE Subventions est une firme spécialisée en réclamation de crédits d’impôt
de recherche scientifique et développement expérimental (RS&DE),
d’affaires électroniques (CDAE) et de titres multimédias.

Emergex, the experts in IT tax credit claims

Emergex SR&ED Subsidies is a firm specialized in tax credit claims
for scientific research and experimental development (SR&ED),
e-business (CDAE) and digital medias.

Emergex : the SR&ED experts in IT

What sets Emergex apart

  • Receive tax credits of up to 78% of research and development (R&D) on salaries through combinations of government programs: SR&ED, E-Business, Multimedia titles and Industrial design
  • A series of seminars on technology and tax issues to improve your SR&ED claim and knowledge – delivered by Emergex at no charge
  • Planning of tax and corporate structure to optimize long term gains
  • Historical success rate of 98%
  • Result-based: pay only a % of the tax credits actually received
  • Credibility with Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) through our relations with inspectors
  • We use a methodology integrating both the technological and financial aspects of a SR&ED claim.

Emergex, the SR&ED experts in IT


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Alain Déry - Micro-Accès

Alain Déry – Micro-Accès

For the past five years, Emergex has been in charge of preparing our R&D and multimedia claims. This way, we save time and it gives us peace of mind. As software developers, we don’t always know how to approach this kind of thing or how to present our R&D activities in order to meet the requirements of the program….