Emergex SR&ED Consultants: the independent firm claiming SR&ED tax credits and grants most specialized in information technologies

Over a quarter century of success in helping businesses to claim their tax credits
for Scientific Research and Experimental Development (SR&ED), E-Business (CDAE) and digital media as well as the latest grants including the Industrial Research Assistance Program (IRAP)

What we offer you

Are you looking for a SR&ED consultant?

Our team of industry experts (PhD, MSc, BSc, MBA, PMP, engineers, computer scientists, accountants and tax experts) have mastered the specific technologies of each industry and the legislation to accompany you from A to Z in the claim process.

We would love to hear about your technological projects, discuss your eligibility, and make sure that you receive the maximum financing you are entitled to.

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SR&ED Tax Credit

Using the SR&ED tax credit program, receive a refund for salaries, R&D contracts performed on your behalf, research by universities or institutes, consumed materials and overhead expenses.

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E-Business (CDAE)

Emergex SR&ED Subsidies, the expert in government assistance for the software and IT industries, helps technology companies that have operations in Quebec obtain the best return from the CDAE program, a refundable tax credit for the Development of E-Business.

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Canada is, perhaps, the most generous country when it comes to assisting innovative companies. Numerous programs exist, both at the federal and provincial level, to give subsidies, loans and financial assistance. In fact, there are so many that it can become impossible to find and identify those that are the most relevant.
Emergex SR&ED has acquired a solid experience in this matter and can accompany you in the selection process and help you attain the best possible return on investment by combining the most relevant programs.

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About us

Emergex, the experts in tax credit claims in information technologies

Emergex SR&ED Consultants is a firm specialized in claiming tax credits for Scientific Research and Experimental Development (SR&ED), E-Business (CDAE) and digital media, as well as the latest grants.

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Claim the max allowed!

Optimize your SR&ED tax credits combined with the latest grants

Trainings to optimize

We are the only ones to give trainings on SR&ED technology and finance to help train you and your team, at no additional charge

Credibility with CRA

Excellent reputation with Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) through our relations with SR&ED auditors and our historical success

Almost perfect track record

Historical success rate of 96%: we maximize your claims while managing your risks

Our advantages

What sets Emergex SR&ED Consultants apart?

We form a multidisciplinary team of employees and consultants with the experience of thousands of projects claimed. Our technology advisors are engineers and computer scientists that combine diplomas, competencies and hands-on experience. They are well versed in the latest technologies specific to your industry. We do understand your technology projects!

Our clients and partners


Since 1994, Emergex has helped its clients to receive hundreds of millions of dollars in government funding.


Nasim Morawej

As professional engineers, we were impressed by the technical expertise of Emergex SR&ED Consultants in our industry, as well as their excellent service quality and fair price. If you are a tech or engineering company looking to claim your SR&ED tax credits, talk to Emergex!

Nasim Morawej, P.Eng., M.Sc., PMP, Co-founder and Principal Project Engineer of Sentient Tools Engineering Corporation, Edmonton, Alberta

David Perkins

I wanted to take a moment to thank Emergex for your service over the last 12 years. I have enjoyed our relationship and your team’s professionalism.

David Perkins, President and CEO of IQware, Florida, USA

Colin Duetta

More than just a service provider, we consider Emergex a valued partner. I would not hesitate to recommend Emergex to anyone who needs help to claim government tax incentives. Emergex even went as far as flying in their national SR&ED practice technology leader from Montreal to our offices in Hamilton to give a tailored SR&ED seminar to our entire technical team!

Colin Duetta, President and “Holder of the Napkin”, IOU Concepts, Hamilton, Ontario

Brett Patrontasch

Your team did an incredible job on our first SR&ED filing, so we are pleased to work with Emergex again this year. Thank you for your prompt assistance, especially considering how tight our deadline was. Great work!!!

Brett Patrontasch, CEO at Shyft, Toronto, formely Ottawa

Serge Bonenfant

During the preparatory meeting and the audit thereafter, we have been privileged to observe and appreciate the professionalism of the Emergex team, both by the presentation they had prepared and by the explanations they put forward. The quality of a consultant in the field of R&D tax credits cannot be determined at the time the initial claim is made, but rather, through the efforts they undertake to deal with an inspection. Big thanks for your excellent work!

Serge Bonenfant, CEO, Qualicode

Steeve Duchesne

Emergex multidisciplinary team’s ongoing support, availability and exceptional responsiveness are part of the strengths that make them stand far above others in the market of SR&ED firms. Emergex SR&ED technology consultants understood very well the intricacies of Axon ID development projects. Throughout the year, Emergex guided us in order to better structure our processes, as well as our SR&ED and e-business claims. With Emergex tax and financial advisors’ excellent knowledge of the government assistance programs, we have substantially optimized and increased our tax credits.

Steeve Duchesne, CEO of Askida and Ex-Chairman of the Board of Directors of AQT, Quebec Technology Association

Steve Piché

Over the years, I have worked with several consultants from Emergex and I can say that they all have met our high expectations. Emergex Subsidies has always delivered the goods! I speak from experience, having worked with two other SR-ED firms before.I want to thank the technology advisor from Emergex for his guidance and his dedication during the preparation of our SR-ED claim. Because of this team effort, we were very well prepared the day of the technical inspection by Revenue Canada.

Steve Piché, CEO of ECC Solutions, Quebec City

Louis Côté

Allow me to tip my hat to Emergex for the tour de force that represents the technological description of our SR&ED projects, which I find quite frankly of outstanding quality, not to mention that I am especially impressed that you could do so much, in terms of both quantity and accuracy, based solely on our few hours of discussion!

Louis Côté, CEO and co-founder, Hint Innovation

Jean-François Gravel

Since the creation of IQware in 2003, we have retained the services of Emergex to help us structure our R&D department in order to maximize the benefits from government subsidy programs.

Emergex has prepared and supported us efficiently during and after the two technological and fiscal inspections by Revenue Canada. Their technology advisors have been able to guide us and to identify our eligible work.

Jean-François Gravel, R&D Software Architect, IQware

Shawn Errunza

This year I am looking to finance my tax credits in advance, and not only did Emergex introduce me to the right people, but every lender is very comforted by the fact that I’m working with Emergex. They have a reputation of working with solid companies and that reputation is a big benefit to all of their clients. There are so many things we need to manage closely as owners of a fast-growing startup. Emergex ensures that our SR&ED claim is NOT one of these things. Emergex handled the entire process from start to finish so professionally, I couldn’t be happier with their services. Thank you Emergex for being awesome!

Shawn Errunza, COO and CFO of Jintronix

Jonathan Després

Emergex showed us that even though it isn’t our primary activity, we too can claim tax credits for R&D projects in IT ! Thank you !

Jonathan Despres, Associate Director, Business Applications, Pharmascience Inc.

Alain Déry

For the past five years, Emergex has been in charge of preparing our R&D and multimedia claims. This way, we save time and it gives us peace of mind. As software developers, we don’t always know how to approach this kind of thing or how to present our R&D activities in order to meet the requirements of the program….

Alain Déry, Vice-president R&D, Micro-Accès

Our partners

Emergex SR&ED Consultants actively manages a network of strategic partners with whom we exchange clients, prospects, references and other useful contacts. Our philosophy consists in building win-win and long-term relationships with both our clients and our partners.

If you want to join the ranks of our partners, let’s talk and explore what we can mutually bring to our respective organizations and clients!

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We are proud to be a trusted partner for companies across Canada looking to leverage SR&ED, other tax credits and grants. Benefit from our quarter of a century of experience by asking our opinion about your past, present and future claims!


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Seminar on the technological aspects of the SR&ED program (in French)

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Workshop: Maximizing SR&ED Tax Credits While Navigating Complexities

Are you confident that you have all the answers when it comes to Scientific Research and Experimental Development (SR&ED) tax credits? Whether you’re the CEO, CTO or CFO of a successful technology company or established manufacturer, navigating the complexities of SR&ED can be daunting, potentially resulting in missed opportunities to optimize returns. Join us for […]

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2024-07-03 09:00

Seminar on the financial aspects of the SR&ED program (in French)

Is a bonus paid to a specified employee an eligible SR&ED expense? Does your taxable income have an impact on the rate of the tax credits and on your eligibility for a refund? Is the salary of an administrative project manager eligible as a SR&ED expense? How do you structure a contract with a subcontractor […]

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