Emergex, les experts en réclamation de crédits d'impôt en informatique

Emergex RS&DE Subventions est une firme spécialisée en réclamation de crédits d’impôt
de recherche scientifique et développement expérimental (RS&DE),
d’affaires électroniques (CDAE) et de titres multimédias.

Emergex, the experts in IT tax credit claims

Emergex SR&ED Subsidies is a firm specialized in tax credit claims
for scientific research and experimental development (SR&ED),
e-business (CDAE) and digital medias.

Emergex : the SR&ED experts in IT

What sets Emergex apart

  • Receive tax credits of up to 78% of research and development (R&D) on salaries through combinations of government programs: SR&ED, E-Business, Multimedia titles and Industrial design
  • A series of seminars on technology and tax issues to improve your SR&ED claim and knowledge – delivered by Emergex at no charge
  • Planning of tax and corporate structure to optimize long term gains
  • Historical success rate of 98%
  • Result-based: pay only a % of the tax credits actually received
  • Credibility with Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) through our relations with inspectors
  • We use a methodology integrating both the technological and financial aspects of a SR&ED claim.

Emergex, the SR&ED experts in IT


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Jonathan Després - Pharmascience

Jonathan Després – Pharmascience

Emergex showed us that even though it isn’t our primary activity, we too can claim tax credits for R&D projects in IT! Thank you!