Workshop-conference: How to prevent, or else survive, an audit of your SR&ED by Revenue Canada

Pierre Savignac
Jean-François Djoufak, Ph. D.

Professional development workshop on the SR&ED program with expert advice on defending your R&D your tax credits in the event of an audit.

Come and find out how to prevent or (if it is too late) to prepare and survive a CRA audit of your SR&ED.

The speakers, Jean-François Djoufak, Ph. D. in Computer Science and SR&ED expert, along with Pierre Savignac, PMP and CEO of Emergex, will answer your questions:

  • How do you document and structure your SR&ED projects indirectly from your client projects
  • … while answering the 5 eligibility questions in Revenue Canada’s assessment process?
  • How do you present and simulate your projects for an audit in a way that satisfies the decision-making process of the inspectors?
  • How to survive increased scrutiny of time sheets, job profiles, subcontractors, etc., by Revenue Quebec?
  • What is the impact of recent rate cuts and the new $50,000 expense minimum in Quebec?
  • Can you survive an audit of your SR&ED? Yes, you can! Using real-life cases, we will show you that it is possible indeed!

Emergex SR&ED Subsidies is the R&D tax credit consulting firm most specialized in information technology.


9:30 Welcome and breakfast (pastries, fruits and coffee)
10:00 Workshop-conference
11:30 Question period
12:00 End of activity


Only for Emergex clients that have filed at least two SR&ED claims.

Cost: $10, taxes included. Free when registering to our newsletter.

For information or registration (before October 27th): or 514-765-3333 #0

Hurry up, places are limited !



Tuesday, November 1st 2016 from 9:30 AM to 12:00 PM


Emergex SR&ED Consultants (Old Montreal)
194, St-Paul Street West, Suite 400
Montreal Quebec H2Y 1Z8


Emergex held our hand throughout the entire process, letting us focus on our business while they got the job done! Thanks for the great work!