Mariner Endosurgery Wins FDA Clearance for LaparoGuard

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Mariner Endosurgery Wins FDA Clearance for Ground-breaking Augmented Reality Surgical System LaparoGuard

Washington, DC, Dec. 13, 2018 (Globe Newswire) — Following months of review, the US Food and Drug Administration cleared Mariner Endosurgery’s LaparoGuard Augmented Surgical Navigation system for use in US operating rooms. Hospitals and surgical facilities will now be able to incorporate this game-changing surgical navigation system from Mariner, the Canadian medical device company innovating in advanced surgical visualization and laparoscopic instrumentation.

LaparoGuard is an augmented surgical navigation system that enables surgeons to annotate areas of 3D safety zones during minimally invasive procedures, to aid them in guiding their tools and to inform them in their surgical approach. Similar to the heads-up display of a fighter jet, LaparoGuard allows surgeons to annotate areas of risk, and then see 3D renderings of surgeon-defined safety zones as a real-time image overlay, without looking at a separate screen. This information is integrated into the operating room’s conventional visualization equipment and provides surgeons with additional spatial awareness information. In addition, LaparoGuard provides continuous tracking of multiple tools throughout a procedure for real-time location updates within the abdominal cavity.

LaparoGuard enables a surgeon to:

  • Annotate areas of risk intraoperatively and display surgeon-specific safe zones to enable optimal tool path and spatial awareness during laparoscopic cases.
  • Select a mix of audiovisual augmented reality on both primary and secondary surgical monitors, without the use of a conventional AR headset.
  • Intuitive real-time feedback systems to inform the surgical team without adding distraction or removing focus from the intended surgical site, while providing advanced visualization.
  • Integrate novel technology into existing clinical workflows and conventional laparoscopic tower equipment.

“LaparoGuard empowers surgeons with the latest in advanced visualization, augmented reality and spatial awareness tools for minimally invasive procedures,” explained Mitch Wilson, President of Mariner Endosurgery. “Our upcoming pipeline of surgical visualization and advanced laparoscopic instrumentation will further support LaparoGuard and our company thesis of putting the right innovation, at the right time, in surgeons’ hands. I am proud of our team’s efforts as we look forward to seeing LaparoGuard successfully deployed in operating rooms across the United States.”

Source: New navigation system brings surgeons unprecedented 3D spatial awareness during minimally invasive abdominal procedures

Mariner Endosurgery Inc. is a Hamilton-based company that develops and commercializes innovative computer-assisted medical devices for future-facing laparoscopic surgeries. Their flagship product LaparoGuard is a novel soft-tissue surgical navigation platform that augments visualization and is designed to enhance the safety profile to assist surgeons in delivering a superior quality of care to their patients.

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