Perspective Quantum: How to subsidize university research contracts

INTRIQ (Transdisciplinary Institute for Quantum Information) and ISEQ (Quebec’s Electronic Systems Industry Cluster) have invited Emergex SR&ED Consultants to present at the Perspective Quantum webinar on October 27th, 2021.

Eric Martin, Professional Services Director at Emergex, will present this brief introduction to raise awareness among universities, research centers, incubators, associations and companies working in the field of quantum information on how to finance university research contracts within the framework of SR&ED tax credit claims.

LThe Scientific Research and Experimental Development (SR&ED) program is an innovation funding assistance program funded by the federal government and most of the provinces. In 2021, roughly $ 5 billion was distributed to 18,000 companies. In Quebec, it refunds up to 74% of the salaries of eligible technology employees. Under university research contracts, 43.6% of the sums invested are refunded.

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Yves Nicole - Info-kit Technologies 200x200 R&D is an important component in the growth of Info-Kit Technologies. Emergex has allowed us to substantially increase our financial benefits from government programs by guiding us through the process of preparing very high-quality, expert technical reports.